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He was born on March 23 in Lima , Peru South America . Eldest son of Elena Fausta Montañez Morales de Sillo and Isaac Francisco Sillo Maraza . 

His siblings are  Máximo Carlos, Elena Amelia  y Francisco Leonel . His nephews are Leonel Nikolás, Carlos Alonso, Andrés Patricio, Jesús Isaac and José Alberto.

He completed his primary studies in  Primary School of Cuncash and Primary School 4589 standing out for his ability in oral expression and analytical skills .

He did his secondary studies at the Federico Villarreal National School in Miraflores, standing out in the animation of events , poetry , oratory , musical and band , basketball selection and he occupied the third academic in the general calculation at the end of high school .

He developed his higher studies at the four hundredth year , National University of San Marcos Higher at the Faculty of communications and at the Federico Villarreal National University in the Faculty of Economics  . He stood out for his ability to promote the training of yung entrepreneurs and businessmen  for self-magnagement in the mass media . He currently has studies in the specialty of audiovisual research .


On a personal level he is single , with out children , in commitment  to himself , dedicated to social support works for the needdiest people through the Isaac Francisco Sillo Maraza Humanitarian Aid Foundation.

Believer of God and of the scientific apothegm of the creation of the universe by the big bang .
Conspicuous and totally liberal in mind , he likes to travel permanently throughout Peru , especially to the areas of the mountains and jungle and sectors close to the Capital of the Republic .

Their contac phones are  (51) 997290209  y (51) 99625 8631.

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My friends acquaintances and people from my emotional environment in Peru know that they always have the doors of ur house open and my telephone lines are attentive to their communication at all times for our life .

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